6 Critical Steps For A Successful Product Launch


A successful product launch isn’t as simple as shipping it out and hoping for the best. The steps you take during a launch are just as vital as the ones you take during the product development phase.

While every business will have some different steps, there are some critical steps that you can’t afford to skip. These are vital to understanding your audience and marketing to them correctly.

Study The Current Market

This involves looking at yourcurrent target audience and your competition. Consider what your audience’s needs are at the moment. Look at what your competitors, both big and small, are doing. The idea is to better understand how your product fits uniquely into a consumer’s needs while still being better than the current competition.

Perform A SWOTT Analysis

Many businesses want to skip a SWOTT analysis, because no one wants to think about a product’s weaknesses. This vital step helps you fine tune a marketing campaign and figure out the best features of the product. SWOTT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends. It’s a key step to fully understanding your product and its audience.

Choose A Campaign Focus

You want consumers to believe in your product as much as you do, but keep your core product launch message focused on one or two key features or benefits. Your goal is to create a customer experience by focusing on what would matter most to the end-user. Decide which benefits appeal to your target audience best.

Test With A Beta Group

Instead of wasting time and money on an unsuccessful product launch, start by testing your launch on a beta group. Provide the product and marketing material. Get their feedback and use it improve the final launch. It may add a few weeks to your schedule, but it’s well worth the time.

Cater To Your Audience

Marketing is vital to any successful product launch. You want to build buzz even before the product officially launches. Before choosing a marketing strategy, consider your target audience. Do they prefer mobile, email, ads, video, etc.?

Measure All Results And Revise

Finally, measure all results. If you’re not measuring, it’s impossible to tell how well a product launch met your expectations. Sales may be high, but marketing costs may be higher than expected. Track every detail and use it to improve your product launch strategy for future products.

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